L'Officiel editorials 2017
In 2017 I worked with L'Officel Russia Magazine. I made illustrations for Fashion and Editor's opinion columns.
The article is about yearning for the '80s. It is the decade, that modern young people had never lived in, but are crazy about. There have been a lot of great TV series and movies, that help romanticize the 80's, e.g. Twin Peaks, Star Track, Blade Runner. My first sketches were based on these movies, but the art director asked me to create something more abstract. I drew a fashionable girl who makes bubbles with 80s symbols mentioned in this article. The illustration shows illusiveness of our nostalgia.
This article is about the fashion journalism being on the verge of extinction now. The problem is in the rising amount of fashion bloggers who rapidly displace professional fashion journalists. On the first sketch I illustrated John Fairchild, who was a legendary editor of W Magazine from 70s. The article calls him a real fashion "spy", so I gave him a little bit of James Bond character. The second sketch illustrated the funeral of the fashion journalism, which was later chosen by the art director.
The article is about fashion brands that put plus-size models on a runway to demonstrate the diversity. In reality, on the other hand, those brands put only thin models on their campaigns. In the first sketch a plus-size model is surrounded by skinny fashion critics, thus illustrating the hypocrisy of such fashion brands. The second sketch illustrates the future, where all the girls on billboards have diverse body types. However the flying cars tell us that this future is far-far away.
The article is about Chinese manufactories, that claim to produce "eco" clothes, and at the same time use child labor and provide awful working conditions.
June issue of L'Officiel Russia was dedicated to my hometown and one of the most famous cities of Russia — Saint Petersburg. The article I illustrated was about editor's personal impression of the city. He put two main ideas into it: Saint Petersburg is a city with a lot of parties and drinks, and at the same time it is also a kind of a spa for your mind.

I made two sketches based on those ideas. I decided to use the images of popular places of the city in my illustrations. The first sketch had the dance of curved houses from a popular street, famous for its various food spots. And since I really liked the impression "spa for your mind", I decided to develop this idea on the second sketch. I combined the images of wine glasses with Neva river, and put swimming people in them. Art director chose the second one, so I focused on finishing it.

The story was about love, actually about "not love". In article said nowadays in Moscow very hard to find a couple who really love each other. Everything is about Internet and sex. Everyone lives for parties, fashion and exhibitions of contemporary art. Everyone put on masks which replaced their own faces. Firstly I made two sketches. Art director chose the first one and I started to finalise it.
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