Vologda Ethnographic expedition
In September 2016 I participated in an ethnographic expedition. Such expeditions are arranged twice a year by the leading Russian designer, blogger and traveller Artemy Lebedev. This time a team of 5 people travelled across the Vologodskaya oblast (Russia) for almost 3 weeks. I participated as an illustrator. Apart from Artemy and I, there also were a Vologda region specialist, an operator and a songwriter with us.

My task was to draw and publish one illustration every day. It was implied that each one should depict events and places of each particular day. The toughest part was that we would spent the whole day either driving in a car, or sightseeing, so there was almost no time for me to create illustrations. So I would give up my rest time and draw at night, or during our meals, or sometimes even in the car. Thereby during the expedition I made more than 20 illustrations.

The idea was to depict each day from my own perspective. I tried to observe 360 degrees around me and catch specific details, which would inspire me in the most unexpected way.
The only strict requirement was to draw and publish at least one illustration every day. The size and orientation didn't matter and totally depended on my idea. I always had my iPad close at hand, so I would start drawing sketches right away. All the illustrations were digital. I used ProCreate app for sketches, Adobe Photoshop for finished artwork.
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