These patterns were made for a web-site about restaurants and food events. We didn't want to show food on the illustrations. We worked with metaphors and associations.
Page about events. I imagined a place, where a lot of well-dressed people talking and drinking wine. In my imagination they turned to beautiful paradise birds, singing among exotic plants.
The page with restaurants, including all of the places where you can find food and participate culinary events. Also there are lots of places which are not typical for these kind of events. I decided to draw endless buildings and places in very untypical circumstances. These buildings should have been underwater!
Page about deals, special offers, happy hours. I took balloons as a main characters. Usually restaurants decorate indoors and outdoors with balloons for holidays. Also I aded medusas, who look like balloons and burst like discounts.
Page for special menus in restaurants. It had to look luxury and nobly. I decided to draw bouquet with artichokes. It's very lofty flower for bouquets, it also has very unusual taste.
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